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STARMINEN ballpoint pen refills

Variety, precision and high quality rating

Schreiben The numerous types of refills from StarMinen are sophisticated, high-tech tools. Examples include but are not limited to:

DigitalStar: Special ballpoint pen refill for digital pens – writes on paper and simultaneously stores everything on the computer. Suitable for the Nokia Digital Pen, the Sony Ericsson Chatpen, the Logitech IO pen, for Maxell and for other systems with Anoto functionality. The DigitalStar has a wear resistant, tungsten carbide ball and uses indelible ink.

EuroSilver: With the abrasion proof, tungsten carbide ball and the polypropylene tube the category G2, large capacity ballpoint pen refill provides for sustained writing enjoyment. Indelible, waterproof, tropic proof. Complies with ISO 12757-2 DOC. Also available with a small refill ball as the EuroSilver Needle version – for the pin sharp text image.

GermanStar: With its stainless steel tip/nickel silver tube and wear resistant, tungsten carbide ball the GermanStar is an attractive permanent writer among the large capacity ballpoint pen refills (category G2). Indelible, waterproof, tropic proof and standardized according to ISO 12757-2 DOC – typical for StarMinen.

MagnetStar: Practical, magnetic pen for precision work, using which metal parts weighing up to 200 grams can be securely locked into position: screws, small parts and nuts, batteries in hearing aids or wrist watches ... Simple to install in a ballpoint pen barrel and always packed with muscle power.

MiniStar: The extra slim MiniStar refill types belong to category D. Equipped with a stainless steel ball, brass tip, brass barrel. The MiniStar is optionally standardized according to ISO 12757-1 or 12757-2 DOC but in each case it is indelible.